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Welcome back Topeka high school basketball fans!

I am happy to announce that TopekaHoops is back! For those who remember, I launched TopekaHoops back in 2005 to help promote high school basketball in my hometown of Topeka, Kansas. The site generated a lot of buzz locally with the players, coaches, family members, supporters, fans, and with college coaches, who began to see the under-the-radar talent in the city.

As a sports writer living in Miami, I made constant trips back to Topeka to do whatever I could to help promote the athletes in Topeka. While I tried to put as much time into the site as possible, eventually I was unable to keep it going and unfortunately it folded in 2008.

But now it is back and I need your help! To make this site as successful as possible, we need people in the community that are interested in helping with content including writing articles, taking photos, and videos. It could be people aspiring to be sports journalists looking for clips to add to their resume or people in the community that are fans of a particular school that are willing to help out.

If you are interested in helping with the site, please check out this page for more information

Now onto the site.  There are a number of features that I would like to explain beginning with the CATEGORIES section in the upper left-hand side of the home page.

ALUMNI — Articles on former Topeka high school basketball players currently playing college or professional basketball.

EVENTS — Information on upcoming events such as tournaments during the season, tryouts for summer teams, exposure camps and combines, etc.

FEATURES — Any general articles including player features, team previews, and more.

GIRLS — Articles on girls basketball, which is a new feature to TopekaHoops.

HISTORY — Anything pertaining to basketball in Topeka from a historical perspective such as a look at former championship teams or even Topeka’s lone professional team, the Topeka Sizzlers, and the Washburn Ichabods.

RANKINGS — A list of player rankings in each class, which will be released during the season.

VIDEOS — Highlights of players and video features.

Staying with the left-hand sidebar, the SOCIAL MEDIA section is where you can find TopekaHoops on various social media accounts.  Please add us and share the stories, rankings, and videos to help spread the word.

The HOT NEWS section shows the five most popular articles on the site based on comments.  In regards to COMMENTS, you will be allowed to comment on the articles, but there will not be a message board at this time.  To comment on an an article, simply fill out the comment section at the end of an article and submit your comment.  All comments must be approved before they are posted to an article.  Comments with inappropriate language or personal attacks will not be allowed.  We want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone and there are certain things that will not be tolerated.  It is fair to offer a critical opinion, but please choose your words carefully or the comment will not be approved.

At the top of the home page there will be FEATURED ARTICLES that will cycle through, which is pretty self-explanatory.  I should mention that if you have any story ideas feel free to send me an email or comment on a related article and I will do my best to deliver.

Below the featured articles section is a mention about GETTING A HIGHLIGHT VIDEO MADE.  This is very important for any player aspiring to play basketball in college regardless of what level.  College coaches might hear about you, but might not have gotten the chance to see you play for your high school or summer team so having a highlight video is a great way to show what kind of player you are.  I can make a video for you for free as I am not charging anyone for anything regarding this site, but I need you to send me DVDs of your games.   Click here for more information on sending DVDs.

Underneath that section is three featured articles followed by two of the LATEST TOPICS.

Going back to the top of the page under the MENU BAR, which contains an ABOUT section that explains more about TopekaHoops, the city of Topeka, and a list of staff members.  The PLAYER PROFILE section is broken down by graduation class and another section for junior college prospects.  The profiles are not a completed database and more players will be added as the season develops.  Typically the profiles will be reserved for varsity players only unless there are younger players showing promise within their respective programs.

SCHOOLS list the address and phone number of the high school in addition to an email address for the head coach.  The DIVISION I HONOR ROLL lists players that played at a Division I school since 2000.  Players are listed with their college and their high school graduation year.  ROSTERS are also included on the Schools page.

The SCHEDULE page is a composite schedule that includes all of the games during the season and game results will be posted here.  The STANDINGS page will be sorted by team victories as opposed to winning percent so it could be a bit off at times–just one of the imperfections of the site.

And the CONTACTS page is where you can reach the staff members.

If there are any features that you would like to see on the site, please do not hesitate to offer your opinion.

Thanks for visiting TopekaHoops!


Christopher Stock



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