Video: 2016 SG Dante Kahre at the Sunflower Showcase

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SHAWNEE — Topeka High 2016 shooting guard Dante Kahre showed his perimeter shooting ability with Top City 16U at the Sunflower Showcase.

Kahre (6-0) is the cousin of former Highland Park star Jahmal McMurray and will be looking for a breakout junior season for the Trojans.

He had a 30-point performance in Iowa earlier this summer and also had a 23-point game as he’s showing vast improvements from last season and is one to keep a close eye on.

“He’s a shooter, he can really shoot it,” Top City coach Tony Barksdale said. “You can tell he’s Jahmal (McMurray)’s cousin. He can’t quite shoot it like Jahmal because Jahmal is a gym rat and Dante doesn’t have quite that work ethic, but you can tell shooting is in his bloodlines. He can really fill it up and run off screens. He’s got to get stronger with the ball and handle the ball, which he’s done a good job of and showed some things in Iowa where he made a couple strong moves to the basket. He’s starting to do that and he’s a good kid too. He works hard for me.”


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