Historical Look at Topeka All-City Teams

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Here is a year-by-year look at the Topeka Capital-Journal’s All-City First Team selections dating back to 1962.

Highland Park’s Jahmal McMurray (2012-14) and Tony Barksdale (1994-96),  Topeka West’s Scott Kauffman (1995-97), Topeka High’s Tyrone Hudson (1986-88), and Hayden’s Tom Meier (1981-83) have been the only three-time All-City First Team picks.

Player of the Year Award winners (listed in bold) are unknown prior to 1994.  Since then, there have been four two-time Player of the Year Award winners including McMurray (Highland Park, 2013-14), Jeff Reid (Hayden, 2008-09), Lamont Austin (pictured, Highland Park, 2006-07), and Barksdale (Highland Park, 1995-96).

Highland Park had at least one selection each year from 1993-2014.


Year Player of the Year (Listed in Bold)
2017 Trey Brown Poncho Freeman Tanyon Shafer Koriyon Carr Zach Harvey
2016 Malik Keith Ryan Zeferjahn Jett Canfield Poncho Freeman Jordan Newby
2015 Tez Scroggins Joe Miller Jacob Head Chris Edwards Derrick McGreevy
2014 Jahmal McMurray Shaffee Carr Jovan Barksdale Joe Miller Marcus Meier
2013 Jahmal McMurray Shaffee Carr Jovan Barksdale Riley Landuyt Tanner Triggs
2012 Collin Strobel Marcus Fillyaw D.J. Johnson Jahmal McMurray Ryan Wynne
2011 Connor McDaniel Marcus Fillyaw A.J. Downing Jake Edinger Kurt Walker
2010 Alex North Onzie Branch DaVonte Grant Jacob Hurla Kurt Walker
2009 Jeff Reid Rico Richardson Bobby Chipman Bryce Simons Canon Fields
2008 Jeff Reid Rico Richardson Adrian Herrera Stephen Feighny Justin Werner
2007 Lamont Austin Kyle Weems Adrian Herrera Chris White-Ready Andrew Taylor
2006 Lamont Austin Adam Holthaus Dante Redmond Chris White-Ready Mekan Moss
2005 Jay Tunnell Adam Holthaus Theron Wilson Caleb Dishman Kissom Moss
2004 Brady Sisk Jay Tunnell James Williams Adam Head Reid Hein
2003 Buster Miller Johar Moss James Williams Evan Way Michael Williams
2002 Gary Woodland Robert Townsend Chris Boyd Ryan Koontz Chris Carlson
2001 Karwin Johnson Gary Woodland Tremel Guillory Jerad Head Jesse Schmidt
2000 Raphael Posey Karwin Johnson Luke Dwyer C.T. Bryant Jerad Head
1999 Michael Jackson Raphael Posey Luke Dwyer Chris Kemp Sam Winter
1998 Matt Wiltz Woody Carter Scott Walker Adrian Zollicoffee Sam Winter
1997 Brian Hoefer Scott Kauffman Justin Ramirez Jared Teach Mit Winter
1996 Tony Barksdale Scott Kauffman Jameel Anderson Dirk Henderson Robbie Sanders
1995 Tony Barksdale Scott Kauffman Mark Krueger Bryce Clark John Hutchens
1994 C.B. McGrath Tony Barksdale Alex Bien Dennis Clark Tim Payne
1993 Hank Desch John Sweet Scott Leon C.B. McGrath Dennis Clark
1992 Jonathan Payne Thomas Hesse Chad Rodriguez Bernie Colson Michael Luarks
1991 Shane Bryan Chad Eshbaugh Mitch McVicker Michael Blackwell Michael Weishaar
1990 Scott Brickner Tony Arrington Michael Blackwell Brian Ewell Dusty Zander
1989 Lance Sparks Troy Wilson Malcolm Daniels John Dean Jon Robinson
1988 Tim Harrison Chauncey McBride Darin Dahl Brad Henry Tyrone Hudson
1987 Tim Harrison Teaser Broadnax Tyrone Hudson Scott Stecklein Jeff Hughes
1986 Jon Hass David Proctor Jon Morgan Jared Peterson Tyrone Hudson
1985 Danny Kingcannon Scott Smith Hakim Hazim Jeff Hunt David Proctor
1984 Gary Fangman Romey Anderson Danny Kingcannon David Dean Derek Kershner
1983 Tom Meier Mark Turgeon Daymond Patterson Craig Athon Darnell Perkins
1982 Tom Meier Mark Beck Allen Dean John Hughes Danny Pyles
1981 Tom Meier Brad Jones Marc Anderson Rodney Flott John Hughes
1980 Victor Dunn Kent Barnow Marky Alexander Rodney Nickerson Steve Perkins
1979 Tom Cooney Tim Triggs Bill Brumbaugh Robert Allen Billy McCoy
1978 Craig Hylton Robert Allen Don Wilkins Rod Stacken Spencer Maggie
1977 Mike Babb Herschel Hylton Pete Stevens Greg Gideon Don Wilkins
1976 Clifton Lewis Rick Patton James Patrick Wayne Warner Curt Hicks
1975 Kevin Lutz James Patrick Gary Cushinberry Wayne Warner Curt Hicks
1974 Ron Boline Henry Hylton Oscar Wilkins Glen Peterson Dan Wieser
1973 Davy Babb Alonzo Canady Gary Lee Ed Whitlock Mike Lewis
1972 Marion Carver Pat Weissbeck Jim Rucker John Lewis Mike Lewis
1971 Marion Carver Pat Weissbeck Mike Bates Dan Elwell Haroun Hammud
1970 Bob Babb Ted Evans Deon Kayhill Terry Smith John Waltz
1969 Don Faught Mike Morrsey Fred Johnson Andrew Stevenson Ray Johnson
1968 Greg Laird Tim McDonald Jerry Thornburg Fred Atkinson Kim Ross
1967 Claxton Bryant Jerry Thornburg Dennis Newton Preston Carrington Rob Balsters
1966 Lee Allen Steve Gibbs John Johnson Gary Woodman Jim Ater
1965 Jim McMullen Tom Sheahan Dale Cushinberry Dean Ferrell Marshall Caldwell
1964 Lonnie Hansard Dave Menely Rolly McGrath Mike Miller Floyd Curry
1963 Greg Bien Ed Tucker Duane Bond Roscoe Jackson Denny Payne
1962 Mike Unrein Dode Lesser Loyce Bailey Delvy Lewis Ron Paradis

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