PF McFoxx Looking for Breakout Summer

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Abdul McFoxx is a raw 2015 prospect who continues to make improvements.

The 6-foot-6, 230-pound power forward was one of the top reserves for Highland Park during their 23-2 season in which they finished second in Class 5A.

“It was a fun experience,” McFoxx said. “I learned a lot about how high school ball is played and the level of competition.”

McFoxx made the most of his opportunities on offense in his first season of playing organized basketball finishing second on the team in field goal percentage at 57.1. He averaged 1.6 points and 1.9 rebounds in 23 games.

It was a learning experience for McFoxx, who had the opportunity to go up against two of the best post players in the state in Shaffee Carr and Eddie Hunt.

“It wasn’t too bad,” McFoxx said. “It was good competition because we all helped make each other stronger and they helped me improve my post game.”

McFoxx has made improvements in the past year particularly on the defensive end of the court.

“I think I have improved a lot,” McFoxx said. “Going through (Ken) Darting’s boot camp made me mentally stronger and more confident. My defense probably improved the most. I’m more active and more mobile.”

He is currently playing summer ball for the Kansas Cagers and has participated in the Jayhawk Invitational, KC Classic, and a tournament in Iowa.

“Summer ball is going well,” McFoxx said. “Our team does a lot of running and conditioning and that is helping me a lot also.”

Kansas Cagers head coach Jason McCoy has been pleased with McFoxx.

“He’s working on his inside game a lot, getting his footwork down,” McCoy said. “We’ve been competing in some exposure tournaments and Abdul has been a really big help. We’re getting his position level up, trying to get him ready for the upcoming high school season.”

Highland Park’s team camp begins on June 9 and McFoxx has simple goals in mind for his senior year as he moves into a starter’s role.

“Improve myself every practice and game, and establish myself as a leader on the court,” he said.

In July, McFoxx and the Kansas Cagers will be participating in the Adidas Invitational in Indianapolis (July 9-13), Las Vegas Live Tournament (July 17-21), and the KC Harwood Classic (July 24-27).

“We’re looking forward to July,” McCoy said. “We’ve got several tournaments that I think is going to help Abdul compete at a high level later on in high school and hopefully after high school. We’re hoping that he will get some looks and at the same time work on his inside game a lot and trying to get some of that outside game worked on as well.”

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