Topeka West Hosting Tournament on Nov. 8-9

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Topeka West is hosting a MAYB tournament on November 8-9.

There are six teams playing in the top high school division including the Top City Lakers, Topeka Vikings, Chargers, Topeka Mayhem, KS Soldiers, and Chargers II.  Each team will play three games on Saturday beginning at 1 p.m.

Some of the top players in Topeka will be participating in the event including seniors Tez Scroggins, Joe Miller, Josh Barber, Josh Reynolds, and Kobe Goudeau; juniors Josiah Hazim, Jordan Newby, Harold Emanuel, and TC Smith; sophomores Tanyon Schafer, Trey Brown, Poncho Freeman; and freshman Jett Canfield.

There is also four teams playing in the secondary high school division on Sunday.

The high school regular season is set to begin on Dec. 5.

Day Time Team 1 Team 2
Sat 1:00 Chargers Topeka Vikings
Sat 2:00 Topeka Mayhem Chargers II
Sat 3:00 KS Soldiers Topeka Vikings
Sat 4:00 Chargers II Top City Lakers
Sat 5:00 KS Soldiers Chargers
Sat 6:00 Topeka Mayhem Top City Lakers
Sat 7:00 5th Place Game
Sat 8:00 3rd Place Game (JV Gym)
Sat 8:00 1st Place Game (Varsity Gym)



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