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Gbewonyo: From Topeka to Hollywood

Nana Gbewonyo walked into a bathroom on the Paramount Pictures lot to try to settle down some of his nerves after his first table reading with Samuel L. Jackson. The former Washburn basketball player was an actor portraying Junior Battle in his first movie, Coach Carter, and was unsure if...
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Remembering the Sizzlers

The Topeka Sizzlers were a CBA franchise that lasted four seasons from 1986-90 and featured a number of players who played in the NBA including JoJo White, Lloyd Daniels, Haywoode Workman, and Duane Ferrell. The Sizzlers, which have been Topeka’s only professional basketball team, created a lot of buzz in...
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Welcome to TopekaHoops!

Welcome back Topeka high school basketball fans! I am happy to announce that TopekaHoops is back! For those who remember, I launched TopekaHoops back in 2005 to help promote high school basketball in my hometown of Topeka, Kansas. The site generated a lot of buzz locally with the players, coaches,...
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